The Macroregional Social Innovation Brokers Conference in Tarnów is behind us!

April 15, 2024

The two-day Macroregional Conference of Social Innovation Brokers in Tarnów, April 11-12, 2024, has ended. Participants, i.e. people interested in the potential of social innovations in addressing social problems, joined in large numbers during the first day of the event, participating in inspiring presentations, and discussions led by experts from various fields and training.

The topics of the first day are:
• presentation of the assumptions and results of the Social Innovation Brokers project – Katarzyna Pilch, Foundation for the Support of Local Ties Linking Foundation
• children’s eating habits, how to shape them and fight bad habits – Natalia Bujak – Foundation
• the need to shape women’s leadership – Dagmara Stefańska, Enigma Foundation
• examples of social innovation projects in Małopolska – Rafał Barański – Deputy Director of the Regional Center for Social Policy in Krakow
• sources of financing for social projects – Agnieszka Sroka, Fundacja im. Hetman Jan Tarnowski.

The first day ended with a debate City of Great Ideas – Creating Social Projects outside the Metropolis, led by Piotr Olszówka, President of the Linking Foundation, and a presentation of the activities of local NGOs.

The main topics of the second part of the second day of the Social Innovation Brokers conference
were the Desigh Thinking method and children and families.
Ewelina Wyczółkowska presented the assumptions of the Design Thinking method on stage along with an example about incubators for children, which showed a modern approach to projects that departs from following beaten paths in favor of examining human needs and diagnosis. This approach also allows you to discover something innovative instead of doing something standard.
After the lecture, conference participants divided into two groups were able to implement in practice the first stage of the Design Thinking method in a project regarding changes in urban space. During the workshops, participants diagnosed the needs of residents by asking the following questions:
• What do they miss in urban space?
• What frustrates them?
• What are their habits?

Debate Innovative projects for children and families – the future starts now, led by Iwona Olszówka, negotiator for strategic partners of the Association of Large Families, in which the following participants took part:
Marcin Piotrowski – Symbioza Foundation, Natalia Rokita – Foundation, Mariusz Wrona – Siemacha Tarnów, Izabella Anna Wrona, Krzywy Teatr Cultural Association, Agnieszka Bęben, Miejmy Siebie Association, presented family projects implemented for children and families, describing what distinguishes them, what are effective methods of working with children.
An exceptionally tasty addition during the conference was lunch prepared by the Rural Women’s Association from the Tarnów area, thanks to which the catering part of the event was unique and promoted local dishes! We would like to thank the Rural Housewives’ Circle in Niedomice, the Siedliska Rural Housewives’ Circle, the Baba Jaga Rural Housewives’ Circle, the Rural Housewives’ Circle in Jodłówka-Wałki, the Rural Housewives’ Circle in Ilkowice

This conference is the official last stage of the Social Innovation Brokers project financed by EEA funds (Project No.: EOG/21/K3/W/0042)