The Social Innovation Brokers Project (Project Nr. EOG/21/K3/W/0042) benefits from 181.060 € grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants, from 01.02.2022 to 31.01.2024.


The aim of the Social Innovation Brokers project is to develop an innovative training for Social Innovation Brokers – the bridge-builders who connect innovators with stakeholders and help them bring their ideas to life.

The project is financed by the EEA Grants
(Project Nr. EOG/21/K3/W/0042)


Social Innovation Brokers

The Social Innovation Brokers (SIB) project aims to develop a pilot version of vocational training for Social Innovation Brokers. Such training is the first in Poland and in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in general training preparing people to work in this new and unique profession.

The benefit of the project is the creation of a support, development and dissemination mechanism for social innovations and social dialogue at the local and regional level.


In the first edition of the project 2023-2024, we trained group of 50 brokers.

  • State-of-the-Art Report
  • Curriculum and training
  • Toolbox and SIB tasks force
  • Dissemination Conference

What We Do

We support social innovation through intensive training of Social Innovation Brokers

State of the Art Report:

The map of common didactic and conceptual issues will be created in the work of social innovation support. It will be used to create the social innovation broker toolkit and job packs.

Toolbox and SIB tasks force

It will describe the work tools and key competencies of the Social Innovation Broker. Case studies and brokers’ competencies support their social and professional skills.

Curriculum and training

Development, in cooperation with a Norwegian partner, the curriculum and professional training to prepare for work as Social Innovation Brokers for 50 activists.

Dissemination Conference

International conference in Kraków to present
the results of the
project and promote
cooperation between Norwegian and
Social Innovators.

Latest News

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Social Innovation Brokers Debates – an important topic on the agenda!

During the second edition of the Social Innovation Brokers conference in Tarnów, at the Mościce Art Center, on April 11-12, 2024, the debates planned during the agenda touched on two important topics in the area of social innovation: City of Big Ideas. Creating Social...

Examples of BIS 2 projects – reports from speeches at the Social Innovation Brokers conference in Tarnów

During the Macroregional Conference of Social Innovation Brokers at the Mościce Art Center in Tarnów, April 11-12, 2024, projects implemented in the second part of the project under the same title were presented. Each of them showed that there is no area for social...

The Macroregional Social Innovation Brokers Conference in Tarnów is behind us!

The two-day Macroregional Conference of Social Innovation Brokers in Tarnów, April 11-12, 2024, has ended. Participants, i.e. people interested in the potential of social innovations in addressing social problems, joined in large numbers during the first day of the...

“Train the Trainers – Key to success” by Dr. Edna Pasher

Online session with Yossi Pasher (Management Consulting Consultant - Train the Trainers Senior Expert) and Dr. Edna Pasher (Founder & CEO of Pasher & Associates, Israel). This online interactive session touched upon topics such as ways in which adults learn,...

Meeting with Nordic Social Entrepreneurship

Linking Foundation and European Centre for Women and Technology met with the representatives of the Nordic Social Entrepreneurship 3.0 project financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and led by Oslo International Hub. The NSE 3.0 project is based on multiple...






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European Centre for Women and Technology


The European Centre for Women and Technology (ECWT) is a European multi-stakeholder partnership of more than 130 organizations from all around Europe and not only. ECWT is today the leading European-level platform for measurably and significantly increasing the number of girls and women in STEM.

Linking Foundation

Since the beginning of our existence, Linking Foundation has been implementing various educational, cultural, ecological and technological projects, the common denominator of which is the integration of local communities and the improvement of the quality of life in the place of residence.